FusionCharts On WordPress In 11 Easy Steps

Manually installing FusionCharts in your WordPress blog is extremely easy. One requires nothing more than copy-paste skills to create lovely animated charts in one’s WordPress blog using FusionCharts.

Here are eleven simple and direct steps that would make your WordPress blog (or any other blog) up and running with FusionCharts in minutes.

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WordPress 2.9 Roadmap Stress Media Features

Without doubt, WordPress is emerging has emerged to be one of the most robust and popular content management platform in recent times. This is primarily because of its dedicated development community and fan-base. It has been observed that the WordPress development community take up one major feature at every release and make it as perfect as possible. They keep it highly scalable so that in future releases, they can refine it to the trending user-base. To cite an analogy: in their release 2.8 they totally “jazzed up” the widgets and themes section and (almost) perfected it.

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FusionCharts In Your WordPress Blog

I was searching for ways to implement FusionCharts within blogs and finally decided that WordPress would be the ideal place to do so.

If you are not already into WordPress, it is a highly popular open-source online content publishing application based on PHP. You should have a look at http://www.wordpress.org for detailed information. Its theme-based highly configurable and flexibly environment makes it an ideal blogging and content-management platform for most users. Continue reading FusionCharts In Your WordPress Blog