La Internazionale (Part 3)

Yet some more hypocritical frames of my La Internazionale Series! And nothing much to say on them. Just enjoy the pictures, reflect your ideas as comments and (maybe) use them as your wallpaper!


Note that for the 2nd picture (of 2nd Hooghly Bridge,) I have used a 10 ansi 35 mm Lumen filter, which I borrowed from an uncle of mine.




p align=”center”>© Shamasis Bhattacharya (Twentyone Innovations)

Hapless Gemini

And when you come ‘down’,
To my city of amorous joys.

Amidst a social chaos in a plethora of faiths,
Fantasizing and prostituting religion,
Loud vociferation of hypocrite secularism
And to sum it all: “a diverse culture!”

Amidst constituted vindictive politics
Unaccounted powers, vested by unaccounted population;
Where every ballot is a dramatized guillotine –
In the world’s most comprehensive constitution.

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La Internazionale

If you think this is somewhere in the fast lanes of Texas, I tell you, it is not. It just depends on the eyes of the beholder and the point of view.

Here are some, very few to be specific, pictures that present a truly world class look of Calcutta (Kolkata) These pictures were also taken under low-light circumstances of dusk in manual focus mode.

© Shamasis Bhattacharya (Twentyone Innovations)