Crossover To The Adversary

Deserted myself; blew up into the smoke,
Drowned in liquor; walked out of all ties,
Tied to posts and hung from the cliff;
Gasped for drown; vomited dragon.

Made more alone; walked out of body,
Flew off the ground; hit the clouds,
Blasted through the mountains,
Burnt into ashes; destroyed in oblivion.

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Love and Crush

I apologise for being a plebeian, but I am putting these thoughts just for “evolutionary” reasons. (Please don’t ask me to exemplify!)

Someone asked me what is the fundamental difference between being in ‘Love’ and having a ‘Crush’.

  • You have a crush on someone with whom you would like to have your lunch. But you love someone… whom you are happy to see having lunch.
  • You have a crush on someone with whom you would like to sleep. But you love someone whom you would like to see peacefully sleeping.
  • You have a crush on someone for whom you stay hungry until that person eats. But you love someone for whom you yourself eat on time so that the other person doesn’t feel bad.

Some definitions are not that easily applicable to all… however, these what I myself defined (for myself) makes me ponder about that song “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” by Bryan Adams.

At a young age it is tough to differentiate between these two feelings and the result is always on an unhappy note. However, it is very true that even at later age this difference remains obscure to many.