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The DMCA notice:

Dear Github,

  1. We are the copyright owner of Monit [], an Open Source project released under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). It has come to our understanding that user [private] [] has created a derivate work of Monit called Inspeqtor which infringe upon Monit copyright work.

The work, Inspeqtor which is hosted at GitHub, is far from a “clean-room” implementation. This is basically a rewrite of Monit in Go, even using the same configuration language that is used in Monit, verbatim.

a. [private] himself admits that Inspeqtor is “heavily influenced” by Monit

b. This tweet by [private] demonstrate intent. “OSS nerds: redesign and build monit in Go. Sell it commercially. Make $$$$. I will be your first customer.” – [private] (@mperham)

  1. The unauthorized and infringing material is located at:

We ask that this material is removed.

The counter notice:

This is my DMCA Counter-Notification in response to the notification below.

  1. I am [private], copyright holder for the identified material.
  2. The material is located at
  3. I state under penalty of perjury that I have a good faith belief that

the material was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or

misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.

I consent to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court for the judicial district of California and that I will accept service of process from the person who provided notification or an agent of such person.

Monit’s reply to counter notice:

Dear Github

We wish to withdraw our DMCA Notice regarding this repository

In retrospect we realise that the copyright violation is open for interpretation and it is not so clear-cut as we were first led to believe. It is therefor unfair to [private] and to Inspeqtor’s users if our action cause the repository to be off-line any longer. We sincerely apologise for this. We will not take any further action in this matter.

Our position was to see the work in question as a whole, together with the history and from there we formed a causal narrative between Monit and Inspeqtor, but we are afraid we have been both naive and misguided in our use of DMCA. We do see the irony, unfortunately to late, that our own action might be considered unethical although our intentions were the opposite. The old saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” never felt more true.

Interesting conversation on Hackernews:

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Upgrading to Raspberry Pi Model B+ Wed, 06 Aug 2014 21:06:06 +0000 Continue reading Upgrading to Raspberry Pi Model B+]]> Often my OpenELEC Raspberry Pi would get stuck at pre-boot. The culprit turned out to be a faulty SD card connector. Unclipping the connector pins (as suggested in the elaborate diagnostic wiki on and soldering on an alternate low-profile SD card adapter (that I ordered from fixed it.

By that time, I had already ordered the new Raspberry Pi Model B+. My first impression – this is how the original Model B should have been designed!

A number of reviews speak highly of this new model. You can read up the one from or see one on YouTube (the only video review of B+ that makes sense!)

Simply looking at the board – the entire layout looks cleaner, ports better arranged and finally a sturdier SD card slot!

Raspberry Pi Model B+
  • Lower base power consumption translating to more stability
  • Audio noise and distortion reduced
  • USB current back feed noise reduced
  • USB hot plug current rush-in issue resolved

Beyond just the physical aspects of it, I replaced my old Model B for “stability” reasons. The biggest improvement on this board (IMHO) is power management. Ditching the linear regulator not just freed up an extra 500mA but also managed to prevent the Pi from getting reset every time certain USB devices were plugged in or out – the USB hotplug rush-in current issue is reduced to a minimum. For me this turned out to be super useful as I could now easily plug in WiFi and Bluetooth adapters without worrying.

The low-noise power supply for the audio circuit has done wonders to sound quality. Previously (in Model B) I was constantly disturbed by erroneous noises on the analogue audio output port. This had literally made it impossible to play audio at high volume. Noises caused by current backfeed from USB devices has totally vanished as well. Finally!

Surprisingly, the cleaner board and better power management causes this model to run at a slightly lower temperature and as such is more stable under over-clocked configurations.

Finally, the ability to increase the limiting current drawn from USB ports to 1.2A ensured that I can safely ditch my USB hub. Not that USB hubs are not needed for high-drain USB devices, but that my specific requirement was satisfied by the extra 600 mA!

In case you are wondering which is the best power supply adapter for Raspberry Pi, after much trial and testing, I have stumbled upon Sony CP-AD2 – a very stable 2.1A power supply with very good build quality.

Overall a great upgrade and a beautifully designed single-board computer. If you are using raspberry Pi as a media centre device and facing stability issues, the upgrade is likely to solve most of it.

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A mentally costly experience of buying a lounger Mon, 16 Sep 2013 21:55:39 +0000 Continue reading A mentally costly experience of buying a lounger]]> Beware: Owner wouldn’t think twice before fleecing money from you. If you’re a sharp person and not easily fooled, try your luck.

The above was my original review on Google Plus. The owner called me up on seeing the review and asked me to remove it since in his opinion, nothing had gone wrong. As such, I am doing a follow-up on the review here.

Instead of summarising my judgement on Karnataka Furnishing, let me proceed by elaborating my experience. It is slightly detailed – bear with me.

Our house, back in Kolkata, is well laid out and as such, we aimed for neat furniture when we moved to Bangalore. We (me and my wife) spent months searching through furniture malls such as LifeStyle, Home Centre, Home Town, etc. We did not find anything to our taste and the ones we liked were exorbitantly priced.

Simply put, I wished to have a lounger sofa set (the L-shaped ones) and hoped to find one for around 50k rupees and that too before our marriage anniversary. The budget was decided based on the mall prices quoted for the items that we liked.

One of my friends advised me to get it custom made and as such I came across Karnataka Furnishing via JustDial and I decided to pay them a visit. I was greeted warmly by the owner. He was extremely well versed person and sounded like he knew what he was talking about. He assured me that he can provide me a sofa at a cheaper rate with same or better quality. I returned after asking the owner to visit my premises to take measurements.

As planned, he arrived, we chatted for a while, he took the measurements and left.

On our next visit (this time with my wife,) we shuffled through a number of pictures of loungers in his laptop and we identified one as what we both liked.


Evidently, from the picture, we expected that such a sofa would cost over a lakh rupees (judging from the pricing we saw in the malls.) However, we were quoted 26k. It was definitely a steal deal. I had a feeling that we would definitely not get the quality as in the original picture, but we had expressed our “taste” in the quality, I assumed 26k would have a decent quality.

Next, we started choosing the fabric. We chose one and took rather a long time doing so. Then came the texture of the leather and we chose one again. Both these choices were, in the shop owner’s opinion, “mid-range” priced and he showed as some super high quality ones as well for us to compare.

Then he started calculating. The calculated price came to around mid thirty thousand (pardon me for not remembering exact figures). To that, I grumbled a bit and we ended up choosing another fabric which lowered the price to around 31k. We paid half in advance and left with an assurance of it being delivered before our anniversary (which was more than a couple of weeks from then.)

Meanwhile, almost a week before delivery, he called up to confirm a few dimensions and asking for the number of back cushions required. This was a very odd question since the picture was of a five seater lounger and it was obvious that six cushions will be needed. Upon explaining the same, he mentioned that he was working with four-seater calculations. This was a bummer! I retorted on the fact that we had discussed a final of five-seater and four-seater would not cut it. It would also make the lounger look squarish and unappealing. Finally, he agreed to work on a five-seater one with increased price. It was so near our anniversary date that I had to give in. The final price again squared up to mid thirties.

On the day of our anniversary, we still did not have the sofa. After following up for three consecutive days and listening to his personal problems of workers being unavailable, we were left with no sofa on the D-Day. Guests arrived and we enjoyed – but without a sofa and people sitting on floor.

A couple of days later, he called up saying that he needs more money since the price has gone up. I wondered, from his statements he spoke of high-volume business and yet he is asking for more advance. However, I gave it to him assuming that this would make him deliver.

A week passed. No sofa! After a number of back and forth calls, the sofa arrived and I paid the remaining sum.

It was hideous.


Hideous not because our choice of fabric or anything, but because the entire measurements were off the mark. The thing appeared as a “block” instead of the sleek picture we agreed upon. It clearly looked as if it was not made by experienced craftsmen. I can understand if it was incorrect dimensions, but it was incorrect ASPECT RATIO!

  • The lounger was higher by over a foot.
  • The hand rest in the picture was embedded in the base, but this one simply had a square side.
  • The hand-rest was hard. Really hard.
  • The cushions were huge and flat (as if it is a foam slab) instead of being soft and cushy.
  • The sofa itself was hard to sit on.
  • Stitching marks on leather

On these lines, we called him again and pointed out 17 things that were outright and on the face mistakes. It clearly looked like lack of attention to detail.

Pointing out was the easiest part. The hard part was getting him to accept that. He went on expelling how this is a “masterpiece” and that whatever he has done is for the betterment. We spent hours talking through his smooth verses trying to get it across to him that this is just a badly designed lounger and no where near the picture we saw (except that it was five seater and L-shaped and with an extra extension!) It was exhausting. Finally, my wife put my foot down to do these changes or take it back.

With a lot of reluctance (which his body-language could not hide,) he took the sofa back with a warning that these changes will reduce the quality of the sofa and he is not responsible of whatever happens.

Weeks passed and I kept on following up. He informed me that further delay is happening since he is having to “redo” the entire thing and that it is adding up to his costs and that more money is needed. I was frustrated and agreed to pay him five thousand more but was scared that my wife would be utter pissed. I paid that money and decided to mention that to her only if the final version of the lounger was acceptable.

Finally, the sofa arrived… again. This time, it was relatively well done. A couple of points were missed, but we knew it was better we compromised than go in another loop. The owner arrived and congratulated us and that this time the sofa is a real masterpiece.


Overall, I received “almost” what we wanted (considering I knew that I cannot get 100% of the reference design). Compare the three pictures and you shall notice what I am talking about.

Was that much of mental agony worth it? I had altercations at home, regular frustrations, dozens of calls, total lack of peace. The reason for having the sofa on our anniversary was highly symbolic and that was replaced by disappointment and discomfort.

We started off with 26k as quote and ended up paying above 10k more. Considering our budget of 50k, this was okay. But the way I was made to reach that figure in increments (and logical reasonings that are hard to deny) was simply unacceptable.

Why start with 26k when you know the taste of the customer?
Why plan for four seater? Why promise (and repeatedly promise) what you cannot deliver?

And finally… why talk to customers in such a nice a way that they have no option of getting out of the situation even when they know that they are being wronged?

What I saved in money, I paid for in more than a dozen other ways. Feel free to call me stupid.

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The Best in Me Fri, 14 May 2010 19:47:34 +0000 Joy brings out the best of my mind and sorrow brings out the best of my soul. ]]> 0 Understanding Your World Tue, 16 Feb 2010 07:24:51 +0000 Continue reading Understanding Your World]]> It is tough to understand things when you are part of intersection of your world and the universe.

Contrary to popular beliefs, to understand a system, can you be a part of it? Can you be sure that you have encompassed all the variables that constitute the state of the system?

Can you even be sure that you can understand the system by being part of it? By the time you have understood the system, you being part of it, your understanding might have had changed the system altogether.

Now, if you are not part of the system, how can you be sure that you have knowledge of all the possibilities within the system? Can you be sure that what you are observing from outside the system, is a cause? Or is it an effect that the system wants to project as the cause?

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Salvilege Sat, 14 Nov 2009 06:46:16 +0000 Salvation after sacrilege is hypocrisy. ]]> 0 Through a Distance Sun, 25 Oct 2009 22:56:34 +0000 Everything big and bright eventually dims out when at distance.

Once upon a time, I felt that its just a matter of perception between what you adore and what you despise. Then I wrote The Orion Halo. Miraculously, its just getting more true.

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Design Flaws Mon, 05 Oct 2009 20:20:38 +0000 Continue reading Design Flaws]]> Escaping the bubble is not easy when you are weak by design.

Imagine the case of a fly stuck inside a meagre soap bubble. Imagine the state of an ant drowned due to the surface tension of water. But they have no choice. We do.

This again reminds me of a piece I had written six years ago called Escaping the Bubble. For some reason, this is one of my very few incubatory pieces that I can still visualize as what I had originally conceptualized.

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Life Cycle Of Life Mon, 28 Sep 2009 10:17:17 +0000 If living was just to stay alive, life would have been an infinite loop.

This, in a way, reminds me of a snippet of verse called “Life Again” that I had written years ago, precisely seven years ago.

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Whose Line is it Anyway? Tue, 25 Aug 2009 11:58:47 +0000 The thing about one-liners is that one cannot read between the lines. ]]> 2