Desert From The Other World

As world transpires into a moonlit desert –
Chilly, gray and with hints of colour.
The pale lush of the thorns,
Marking the edges of an otherwise serene horizon.

The cool breeze from the mellows of the dunes,
Carrying hope in form of whiffs from the sea.
Making me imagine myself walking barefoot
On the boundary of this world.

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Bushy Affair

Isn’t it weird that the president of a jungle turns out to be a bush?!

However, being one of the ‘beneficiaries’ of imperialism, I do not take the responsibility of the truth behind what I am going to narrate next. Certain facts have been purposefully twisted for the sake of national (read: personal) security.

At that time, it was “Simon Go Back” and now 1st March 2006 reeks “Bush Go Back!” And since when did our college group ever fall behind in community service? Thus, they decided to burn the effigy of honourable Mr. George W. Bush.

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