• Andy L

    Damn right man! But I am not quite sure whether you meant what I understood.

    • http://www.shamasis.in/ Shamasis Bhattacharya

      Ow well… I can very well understand your excitement on the first read and the ambiguity on the next! However, I am open to interpretations. 😛

  • tanker

    As in crime, error is also relative to the subject who has committed it and to the person who is the spectator for the same.

    PS: I am, also, not taking any of the sides.

    • http://www.shamasis.in/ Shamasis Bhattacharya

      I know that you are, in a sub-conscious way, defending yourself!!!

      But jokes apart, at the end of the day, the bare truth is that if you don’t err, you are certainly not human.